Symmetric Galerkin
Boundary Element Method

Sutradhar, Alok - Paulino, Glaucio H. - Gray, Leonard J.


• Written in a form suitable for a graduate level textbook as well as a self-learning tutorial in the field.

• Covers applications in two-dimensional and three-dimensional problems of potential theory and elasticity. Additional basic topics involve axisymmetry, multi-zone and interface formulations. More advanced topics include fluid flow (wave breaking over a sloping beach), non-homogeneous media, functionally graded materials (FGMs), anisotropic elasticity, error estimation, adaptivity, and fracture mechanics.

• Presents integral equations as a basis for the formulation of general symmetric Galerkin boundary element methods and their corresponding numerical implementation.

• Designed to convey effective unified procedures for the treatment of singular and hypersingular integrals that naturally arise in the method. Symbolic codes using Maple® for singular-type integrations are provided and discussed in detail.

• The user-friendly adaptive computer code BEAN (Boundary Element ANalysis), fully written in Matlab®, is available as a companion to the text. The complete source code, including the graphical user-interface (GUI), can be downloaded here. The source code can be used as the basis for building new applications, and should also function as an effective teaching tool. To facilitate the use of BEAN, a video tutorial and a library of practical examples are provided.

Written for: Students, academia, engineers in industry, national laboratories.


01 Introduction

02 Boundary Integral Equations

03 Two Dimensional Analysis

04 Three Dimensional Analysis

05 Surface Gradient

06 Axisymmetry

07 Interface and Multizone

08 Error Estimation and Adaptivity

09 Fracture Mechanics

10 Nonhomogenous media

11 BEAN: Boundary Element ANalysis Program

Appendix A: Mathematical Preliminaries and Notations

Appendix B: Gaussian Integration

Appendix C: Maple Codes for treatment of hypersingular integral


276 p. 106 illus., 22 in color., Hardcover