Videos featuring work from our research group can be viewed below.
BBC News - 3D-printed structures change shape when heated
Active Tensegrity Figure
In this video from BBC News. Prof. Paulino explains the key ideas and possible applications of the active tensegrity research.
Origami - A Source of Innovations in Engineering and Science
PNAS Figure
In this video created for the ForeCAST Video Initiative in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech, Origami engineering is explained in a way that targets K-12 students.

**Awarded Third Place
Georgia Tech - Prof. Paulino explains zipper coupled tubes
PNAS Figure
In this video from Georgia Tech, Prof. Paulino explains some of the theory behind the zipper coupled tube research and provides insight on how the idea may impact various engineering applications.

WXYZ-TV ABC News Report - "Origami with a twist"
PNAS Figure
In a succinct news piece, WXYZ-TV's Alexandra Bahou reports the key ideas and outcomes from the collaborative research work on zipper coupled tubes.
Science Nation - Topology optimization and patient-specific large craniofacial segmental bone replacements
This short video from Science Nation provides insight into the collaborative research on the design of patient-specific craniofacial bone replacements using topology optimization.